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41 SECRETS Your Doctor Would Never Share ......... Until Now :)

A. We're Impatient

I get irritated when a patient doubts my evaluation and relates the opinian of a less qualified doctor who practises the same discipline. He should just ask me to explain why there's a difference in opinion instead of doubting me.
Dr Regino Palerno,Jr., Obstetrician-Gynaecologist,Philippines

We explain most htings to our patient's family members but some seem to have selective hearing. When relatives visit, they invariably say the doctor never explained anything and they still dont's know the diagnosis. They should just ask if they're unclear about anything.
Datuk Dr Zulkifli Ismail, Paediatrician Paediatric Cardiologist, Malaysia.

What brothers me most is when patients don’t have the motivation to participate in their own health care. They leave all the work to their doctors as if they only need medication to control their chronic diseases. In reality, they have a big role to play like watching their diet, quitting smoking and engaging in physical activities
Dr Bernard S. Chiew, Heart Institute Director, Philippines

I try to avoid demanding patients, especially those who get hold of your mobile phone number and call you for the minutest complaints
Internist, Philippines

Studies have shown that doctors interrupt patients 18 seeconds into their story. When I encounter a long winded patient, I usually have to interrupt the patient and repeat what he or she has said
Dr Patrick Gerard L Moral, Philippines

I am tired of being your mother. Every time I see you, I have to say the obligatory " You need to lose some weight ". But you swear you " don’t eat anything " or " the weight just doesn’t come off ", and the subject is dropped. Then you come in here complaining about your knees hurting, your back is killing you, your feet ache, and you can’t breathe when you walk up half a flight of stairs. I get tired of repeating the stuff most patients just don’t listen to
Cardiologist, USA

There is a public mindset than if you’re taking herbal preparation, it’s not an active pharmacological preparation. If you’re taking herbal supplements, over-the-counter drugs or using alternative therapies, let me know
Dr Mohamad Ravalia, Canada

Patients who lie about their medical history bug me. Perhaps they are embarrassed to reveal their alcohol abuse, or drug and substance abuse history in the consultation, but it’s critical information.
Medical Toxicologist, Philippines

I do not like patients who come in with a long list of complaints. I would expect my patients to tell me at most two problems per visit. If they need more time, they can schedule another oppointment and I will address their other problems at that time
Dr Hilario Lapena, Canada

I’m not a mind reader. Playing stump teh doctor is a waste of everyone’s time. Try to sort out the chronology of an illness before you came in. When do you think it started ? Is it getting better or worse ? What makes it better ? What makes it worse ? Where is the pain ? Does it radiate ?
Physician, Canada

You spend time with a patients on an ingrown toenail when the real problem is chest pain. I understand patients may be apprehensive and leave the worst for last but if you’ve got something that’s really bugging you, get it out first because it deserves the time
Dr Sharon Salloum, Canada

B. Pills, Pills, Pills

Don’t be obsessed with imported drugs. It is not wise to force a doctor to prescribe only expensive imported drugs
Dr Kamphon Sriwattanakul,Thailand

Patients need to know that some diseases have no cure; it can only-term medication plus regular follow-up to make sure the disease is managed properly.

Some patients believe that there is a pill for every ill, and that medicine has not adverse effects.
Medical Toxicologist,Philippines

Sometimes it’s easier for a doctor to write a prescription for a medicine than to explain why the patien doesn’t need it

It is quite often the perception that lower priced medication is somewhat inferior to expensive medicines. This belief is unfounded. Sample medication from physicians can be just as effective as the ones bought from the pharmacy.
Dr Patrick Gerard L.Moral,Philippines

C. Free Advice

Never be seduced by the latest technologies or techniques that your doctor has just acquired – unless you want to be a guinea pig subject in his learning curve.
Dr JJ Chua,Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon,Singapore

My patients know how to reach me when they have to make important decisions or if questions have to be answered. Lines of communication between physician and patient must be open
Dr Marimel Yap-Veloso,Philippines

Patients love sharing their medical problems during weddings and family gatherings when they know that you’re a medical doctor. I find this disconcerting as only their doctor will know their medical detail and can give proper advice. In the same way, I get irritated when my patient comes in, saying he or she met a doctor at a social event who told them about a different treatment. Then I’d need to correct the misinformation
Professor Dato’Mafauzy Mohamed,Senior Consultant Endocrinologist,Malaysia

Often the biggest names – the department chairman – are not the best clinicians, because they spend most of their time being administrators. They no longer primarily focus on taking care of patients.
Heart Surgeon,USA

The internet may be a good place to gather medical information but having said that, doctors can’t make a diagnosis online. I am always willing to give an explanation with your doctor too.
Dr Issarang Nuchprayoon,Paediatrician,Thailand

D. The Sensitive Side

The hardest part when dealing with children with a chronic incurable disease is delivering the bad news. It does not become easier with time no experience. It’s heard wrenching to be the one responsible for shattering the dreams and hopes of parents.
Dr Tang Swee Ping,Paediatric Rheumatologist,Malaysia

I never tell breast cancer patients there’s no hope or there’s nothing we can do for them – even when it’s true. There’s always something we can do, even of it’s to help them die dignity and comfort.
Dr Patricia Gomez,Concultant Breast Surgeon,Malaysia

If you want to weep in front of me, please go ahead. We’re always ready for it.
Dr Manot Lohtrakul,Psychiatrist,Tahiland

I get emotional when a patient cries in front of me whether for health or persenol reasons.
Dr Francisca Roa,Dermatologist,Philippines

Patients with chronic illnesses like lupus affect me the most. I am with them through the ups and downs of their illness, and sometimes get involved in non-medical aspects of their lives such as relationships and financial problems.

When a parent asks me what the cause of her child’s fever could be, I just say it’s probably a virus. If I told the truth and ran through the long list of all the other possible causes, including cancer, you’d never stop crying. It’s just too overwhelming.


Many years ago, when congenital heard surgery was in its infancy in Malaysia, the waiting list for open heard surgery was overwhelming. Desperate parents would ambush me in parking lots and corridors, begging for a place on the surgical list. This was very depressing as I was in the unenviable position of having to choose whom to operate on, and indirectly who was to live of die.
Dr Lee Weng Seng,Cardiothoracic Surgeon,Malaysia

It’s tragic to see poor results after inappropriate or inadequate gynaecological surgery. Even an experienced surgeon may not be able to reverse the consequences. There’re just no shortcuts.
Dr Suresh Kumarasamy,Consultant Ob-Gyn,Gynaecological Oncologist,Penang,Malaysia

Doctors often prescribe antibiotics for viral fever, which will usually go away on its own even without any medication. It’s harder to convince patients that all they need is rest and painkillers, than just give them the antibiotics, because we know most patients never finish their antibiotics anyway.
Prof.Dato Dr Gendeh Balwant Singh,Ear,Nose & Throst Specialist,Malaysia

Generally, the attire of a person reveals his character and personality. Just by looking at the shoes of a person, I could already make a general assessment of the patient.
Dr Tony Oposa,Philippines

One of the hardest things to tell a patient is, “ I don’t know what’s wrong with you “. When this happens, doctors may choose safer answers lihe “ Let’s observe your symptoms and see what happens. “ or “ Let’s order some blood tests first. “
Dr Willie Ong,Cardiologist.Philippines

In many ways, doctors are held to an unrealistic standard. We are never, ever allowed to make a mistake. I don’t know anybody who can live that way.
Dr James Dillard,USA


Always ask for the complete package deal. Most doctors and clinics only quote you the doctors’ fees and these don’t include the anaesthesia, medication, consultations, materials, facilities, nursing care, etc.
Dr JJ Chua, Consualtant Cosmetic Surgenon,Singapore

Patients often think cosmetic surgeons are millionaires. But the bulk of the bill goes to hospital facilities, anaesthesia and operating theatre facilities, pharmaceuticals, nursing care, etc. The surgeon’s fee is usually only 20 to 30 percent of the total bill sometimes less. Having said that, I don’t think anyone should compromise on hospital care.
Dr Eileen Fong,Plastic Surgeon,Malaysia

I was working in a government hospital for more than a decade. Most of my patients were too shy to tell me that they have no money and I end up getting live chickens as payment, which I have to put at the back of my car along with those baskets of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Dr Dominic Garcia,Philippines

Medical charges vary from doctor to doctor, and hospital to hospital, It also depends on location. Medical fees vary with the room rate and the surgery required.
Dr P.L. Catipon,Ophthalmologist,Philippines

I know there are some patients who are not completely honest just to minimise their expenses. They don’t think about the risks they are taking and the effect on the doctors involved if something goes wrong.

I would waive or deliberately reduce my fee if I know that the patient is financially less capable. But most of the time, it is those who are financially capable who end up bargaining.
Dr Francisca Roa,Dermatologist,Philippines

The medical service fee for plastic surgery is clearly stated. It is nonnegotiable.
Dr Sakuna Sajja-issariyawut,Surgeon,Thailand

I want my patient to be well enough and not succumb to a heart attack once he receives his hospital bills.

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